About me

My name is Eduardo Miccio,

My family is originally from Sorrento and that is where I grew up. After working all throughout  Italy. I finally decided to return to my beloved Sorrento and establish my own business as a Private Driver.

I am an expert and experienced driver, working in Sorrento during summer seasons and during winter seasons at ski resorts, such as Valle d’Aosta, Courmayeur, Chamonix, Pila, Cervinia, Mont Blanc, but also Milano Turin and Geneva, Switzerland.

My number one consideration and the most important aspect of my job is to offer maximum safety to my clients at all times while they are travelling in my keeping. The other thing I want to point out is that my job is not ONLY my work but also my passion.

I love showing off the Italy that I love. Creating strong friendships and sharing these beautiful places together gives me a lot of satisfaction, and I love to see my clients enjoying the culture, cuisine, antiquities and sights that are Italy.

Every place I drive within the Sorrento area offers a truly unique experience. If you need a transfer rather than a tour, I offer competitive prices and professional, punctual and safe service anywhere you need to go.

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